Girls Guide To Body Building – Do You Need A New Workout Program?


Are you planning to start a girl’s body building program? You might have already read numerous articles about work out training programs or what exercises you need to start. Do not forget that in order to achieve a girl’s body building program, you should follow it with a healthy diet.

Beef: It is essential in your diet plan if you are to build lean muscles because of its content such as zinc, cholesterol, protein, iron and B vitamins. It is highly advisable that you prefer to consume grass-fed cattle because they have upper concentrations of conjugated linoleic acid or CLA than those cattle raised conventionally. It boosts you to shed body fats.

Girls Guide To Body Building

Beets: It is a perfect source of trimethylglycine or also called betaine. It enhances your liver and promotes joints repair. Beets will also assist you in having the power and muscle strength that you need in order to perform the training program you have chosen.

Brown rice: It is a whole grain which is slow in digesting that helps you to keep extensive energy for your activities the whole day and throughout your work out. It can also improve the amount of your growth hormone which is very vital in boosting lean muscle growth, strength gains and fat loss.

Oranges: It promotes growth, muscle growth and endurance especially if you consume oranges before working out.

Cantaloupe: It is one of the best quick-digesting carbs. It is the best carb to eat in the morning after hours of sleeping or after your training program.

Organic Cottage Cheese: It is packed with casein protein which is excellent to nibble before going to bed. Casein protein is known as the gradual-digesting protein that you can consume which will prevent your muscles from being used as a source of energy while you are fasting at night.

Girls Guide To Body Building

Eggs: These are the best source of protein. Do not worry about the cholesterol content of eggs. Its cholesterol that helps decrease the level of bad cholesterol particles.

Organic Milk: It is rich in casein protein and whey. It is also loaded with amino acid glutamine and omega-3 fatty acids..

Spinach: It contains amino acid and glutamine which are essential in the growth of lean muscles.

Apples: Polyphenols in apples will help you avoid from suffering muscle fatigue and improve your muscle strength during your workouts.
Achieve your girl’s body building program through following the strength training programs suited for you and consuming the above list of foods. It is highly recommended as well that you read articles on different myths about body building. You might be doing some myths that will put you on higher risks.



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