Best Foods To Build Muscle For After Your Workout


After an intense workout in the fitness center you’ve got a two hour window where your body may soak up monumental amounts of protein plus carbohydrates for recovery and tissue repair. The ideal Muscle Building Foods after your bodybuilding workout ought to offer you a large amount of each of these macronutrients and they must even be fast digesting and low in fat.

Whey Protein

whey protein

The protein of choice for after workout is whey protein. Whey protein is so speedily digested that it’ll quickly be broken down into amino acids plus be available in your bloodstream to be delivered to your muscle cells. Protein is the building block of new muscle gains and the most important of the Foods to Build Muscle for after your workout. Without a surplus of it you will be hard pressed to create any gains at all. An post workout protein drink ought to consist of around 30 to 50 grams of whey protein. The perfect thing to do is place a few scoops in a shaker cup and take it to the gym with you. Once your muscle building routine is over fill it with water plus swallow it down rapidly. Do not waste any time and make sure you do not forget.



The other indispensable component of your arsenal of Foods to Build Muscle is carbohydrates. When you workout in the gym you exhaust your stored carbohydrates called glycogen. Glycogen is stored energy within your muscle cells and the liver and is quickly depleted once you workout. If you’ve ever followed a low carb diet you’ll notice how your muscles quickly shrink and start to flatten from not restoring the glycogen. These short stints of low carb dieting aredecent for fat loss but aren’t useful for optimal gains in new muscle mass. When you consume carbs your insulin levels will amplify plus this is a very anabolic hormone that will shuttle amino acids to your musclecells. So you want to eat simple carbohydrates that digest immediately rather than the complex more sustaining carbohydrates. An excellent example is fruit or fruit juices. These digest quickly and raise your blood sugar quickly providing you with the spike in insulin. The only time suggested to do this is directly after a muscle building routine when your muscles are primed and ready. The simple sugars will typically not be stored as fat because they are replacing your glycogen stores. If you have a sweet tooth the best time to get your fix is directly after your bodybuilding workout with a big dose of protein. Taking in anywhere from fifty-one hundred grams of carbs post workout can be helpful to Build muscle fast

After Workout Meal

If you want something easy which you are able take to the exercise room then fill up your shaker cup with whey protein plus bring a couple of bananas or a box of grapes or raisins. These Muscle Building Foods can digest quickly and help you to top off those depleted glycogen stores. Never skip this critical meal and the 2 hour window after your bodybuilding workout if you really desire to Gain muscle mass


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