3 Simple Fitness Exercises for Women at home


There is no need for women to go to expensive gyms and spend hours there to get fit and remain in shape. As it is, the women of today have to work at home and in office and find very little time to take out for exercise. Hence, it is no surprise to see them get little time to go to gym. Luckily, there are some good fitness exercises that can be followed at home and can meet the fitness needs of women. Whether she is looking to lose weight, get a bikini-ready body or simply just to stay in shape, these exercise can be easily done even by the busiest of women and at home.

Take a look at some examples of great exercises for women at home.


Dance Exercises
Dancing is a great aerobic workout and you can add a little fun into it so as to add some interesting touches to the repetitive and monotonous steps of dancing. You can add some fun and exciting dance steps to get the right exercise moves that can get the blood pumping. There are many exercise videos available for the dancing moves with exercises that can certainly be enjoyed by women of any age and lose weight and remain fit at the same time.


This is one of the most popular exercises among women in recent times. These exercises help in weight loss effort as well as tone muscles and improve flexibility. One can improve the strength in the upper and lower body. If one finds time, they can do Pilates in a fitness center or do them at home with an exercise mat, Pilates ring and a medicine ball. One can buy instructional DVD and exercise videos on Pilates exercise that are easily available in the market.

Follow this ancient Indian tradition at home and you can expect a fitter body and mind with all that stretching and meditation in yoga. The best part is that anyone can do yoga and chose form those endless variations and according to their health and fitness needs and enjoy the benefits. You can easily learn yoga by getting some books or CD’s or DVD’s . Women can easily pose their way to fitness with just a yoga mat and from within the comfort of their own home.

Now, even as you remain busy, you can still follow any or all of
the above fitness regimen at home and stay fit and lose weight.


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