Whey Protein Benefits

What is Whey Protein?
Whey Protein benefits significantly outweigh the downsides (my next article will be about the side effects of whey protein so be sure to read it). If you are looking to build lean muscle mass then whey protein is the way to go. Athletes as well as bodybuilders are now using whey protein to build strength and turn unwanted fat into lean muscle.
Let’s take a look at exactly what whey protein is before looking at whey protein benefits:
Whey Protein is a liquid byproduct from cheese production. This used to be classed as waste before the benefits of its production in whey protein were found.
Whey Protein Benefits
Building muscle is basically done by repeatedly tearing and rebuilding skeletal muscle cells. In order to repair these cells faster, the body needs protein. There are 9 essential amino acids in protein and different food sources carry many or all of these amino acids (although not many carry all). Whey Protein carries all of the 9 essential amino acids
Whey Protein Benefits
The body’s ability to absorb protein is measured using a Biological Value (BV). If you want to build muscle you want foods with the highest BV possible. Eggs are generally considered the food source with the highest BV, which ranges from 95-100. Whey Protein’s BV is somewhere between 100-104.
You need to take a protein shake 30mins to 1 hour after a workout to provide the necessary calories to sustain muscle growth. You could take a high intake of nuts or peanut butter after a workout to provide that necessary protein, however they contain a lot of fat. Whey Protein is fat-free.
So aside from helping build muscle mass, what are some other whey protein benefits?
  • Potential weight loss – if you take protein that is low in carbohydrates
  • Increased power – whether you are lifting weights in the gym or doing gymnastics your overall power will increase
  • Reduction in recovery time – your muscles will be able to repair quicker
  • Healthier immune system – glutathione is an antioxidant in whey protein that is needed for a healthy immune system
Whey Protein should be the best friend of any bodybuilder. It is by far and away the best muscle building supplement.

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