7 Biggest Mistakes Most People Make About Bodybuilding Workouts?…


Are you tired of workingout and seeing no results? You are not alone. There are many of us out there seeking a muscle building program that works. However, lack of experience sometimes leads them to making mistakes that undermine their bodybuilding potential.

For those wanting to get the most out of their bodybuilding exercises, here is a look at the 7 biggest mistakes people make when taking part in bodybuilding workouts:

1) _Not following the proper form when performing bodybuilding exercises. Form is of paramount importance when engaged in bodybuilding exercises. The reason for this is that proper form places the stress of the exercise where it belongs so as to develop the muscles properly. It also reduces the potential for injury.

2) _Performing weightlifting motions in a manner that is too quick and jerky should be avoided. Firstly, exercising in such a way uses momentum to lift the weights and removes stress from the muscles. Secondly, such uncontrolled exercising can raise the potential for an injury dramatically.

 7 Biggest Mistakes Most People Make About Bodybuilding Workouts?...

3)_ Not getting enough adequate rest. It is a known fact that muscles do not grow during a workout.
Rather, they grow during the rest period following the bodybuilding workouts. Those that do not provide the muscles with adequate rest and recovery time will soon discover their ability to grow muscles are limited.

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4) _Rushing to pack on more and more heavy weight in your bodybuilding workouts is also highly advisable to avoid. This can lead to over training in a rather short period of time since the constant increase of weight load can overtax the muscles to the point they start to reject the workout program. Once this happens, you will discover your muscles no longer responding well to your exercises. In fact, not only will they start to reject the workout stress, the muscles may start to regress and grow SMALLER. Now, that is most definitely NOT what you would want in a workout session!

5) _Taking part in workout sessions that are too long is a close cousin to not getting enough rest. An hour is usually a decent enough time to workout. Anything longer could lead the body into an over trained state. Look at it this way, when bodybuilding legend Mike Mentzer proclaimed 90 minute weightlifting routines to be beneficial, many pros that he was crazy to train so long. Now, if Mr. Olympia competitors think a one hour session is more than enough, it is best to take their advice!

6)_ Assuming supplements will help you pack on mass is not a wise strategy. While it is most definitely helpful to take a variety of supplements, the supplements alone will not deliver results. You always need to put the effort in that makes the desired results possible.

7)_ Not warming up prior to your bodybuilding workouts is a major “no-no.” If you do not warm your muscles up prior to your workout sessions, the bodybuilding exercises you perform may cause injury. Clearly, this is not what anyone would wish to experience. So,
always be sure to warm up  properly and effectively.


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