Abdominal Exercises for Women


Medicine balls, exercise balls, crunches….you name it! A lot of these things are considered essential, by countless people, when it comes to abdominal exercises for women.

Then again, what most people fail to let you know is the fact that you will need to burn off the fat around your core region in order for you to get a flat stomach or even a visible six pack. Abdominal exercises for women helps strengthen a woman’s core but it can never be enough, on its own, to eliminate belly fat.

Rather than just tell you of a number of awesome abdominal exercises for women, I’m going to let you know how it is that you can lose the fat quicker around your abdominal region. So allow me to begin with just a few proven core workouts. Here they are:


Crunches using an exercise ball to lean your legs on
Fingers to toes Ab Crunches
Decline Ab Crunches
Abdominal Leg Pull-ins using a bench
Hanging Ab Leg Raises
Medicine Ball Leg Raises
Reverse ab Crunches
Fingers to heel touchers
Oblique/Side Crunches
Lying Oblique Leg Raises
Oblique Decline Crunches

Please take into account that these are effective abdominal exercises for women and should be done after cardio workouts like jogging. But I will explain that later on. These core workouts have proven to work when strengthening your abs.

Simple! How does a person get fat to begin with? Lack of exercise, Over eating, etc. you just need to do the opposite process of getting fat. Your diet is the key factor in burning or acquiring fat. There are other, more physically active approaches, like cardio exercises pointed out above.
Here are some that really burn the fat:

I would advise you to perform these cardio workouts before doing your ab exercises. Put in a good diet plan to your exercises and you will be seeing changes in no time! Be sure to train at least 3 days a week making sure that you manage to finish each core workout within the week.

If you do not feel you are able to put in a healthy diet plan then all your physical training will be a waste as you will not be getting the results you really desire. You may be in the best shape (not in appearance) within a few months but you can never out exercise a bad diet.


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