Get a smaller waist with the transverse abdominals

A belly strong, as we have seen in the past, is not simply an aesthetic, but also the guarantee of a strong core will help us get more overall strength in the body. It is true that also an abdomen must be well worked in its entirety. Here’s where the transverse muscles, the muscles that help us remove gut.
Generally conventional crunches you do are to develop the muscles out. This type of exercise you will do is train the innermost part of the abdomen, causing all fibers recompose and contract, giving a new shape to the waist, then get in addition to strengthen it, make it thinner and marked.
abs workout
Apparently this is hardly involving abdominal troubles, but in the background the work is high, especially internally. Especially since the transverse work to help us reposition each trunk in place and avoid those awkward and unsightly accumulations of fatty tissue in this part. It’s easy to get, it just will take some time with our abdominal routine to work this way the abdomen.
Abs hypopressive

Sure we’ve heard about the abdominal hypopressive, because with them we do is work the transverse. To perform them will get on all fours with elbows and knees. Thus, with your back straight, eyes forward and what we’ll be getting the abdomen in maintaining this position for a few seconds. This will be affecting the innermost parts of the abdomen and work.
Abdominal bridge

There are other exercises that can be performed. One very effective is simply to contract the abdomen to work the inside part of it. To this end we will stand upside down resting on your elbows and toes. So what we will do for about three minutes to maintain posture, i.e. getting the body is straight and strong trunk during this time. To do this we simply contract the abdomen and concentrate all the tension in this part.
Elevation of the legs

Another exercise that can make you takes out lying on your back with your back against the floor and your arms fully on both sides of the trunk relaxed. This position will raise the legs at an angle of 45 degrees, which will make it is to keep this position by contracting the abdomen. This is done by keeping around a minute to pose for maximum impact in the transverse.


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