Tips for a more developed back

The back is certainly one of the least studied muscles by beginners in weight rooms, but so important to build an athletic physique. Normally, some sportsmen neglected in the fitness rooms, and yet should focus all our attention to when working in full body musculature.
Indeed, besides its role aesthetic back ensures very important functional role.
Anatomical approach:
back exercise

In general, goes back hip area to head. This zone consists of many body muscles present in different planes, among which deep musculature, the mid plane and superficial muscles.
In the deep muscles are all the muscles that are not visible but they play a role in maintenance and articulation of the spine:
  • Short muscles that connect the vertebrae together;
  • Large muscles called erector spinal or (along the spine) that meet in the lower back area, the common lumbosacral mass, and extend to the base of the skull. These allow trunk extension, rotation and lateral inclination of the trunk.

In the midplane, we find the serrated upper and lower back, the paper focuses on the inspiration, the elevation of the ribs and the expiration and falling ribs.
In this way, for a harmonious development of the back, it will have to adopt an excellent technical execution of each of the movements responsible for work in a specific area of the muscles during training.
A complete workout back requires effort and technique especially. Ideally placed in the hands of a skilled coach to tell us the most appropriate table for equitable development of the entire area of ​​the back, and especially for that we not hurt and we have to stop exercise routine for a while.


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