Top 6 Forearm Muscle Building Exercises


Forearm muscle building is a much underused workout routine as a lot of people rather want to focus on the bigger, more famous muscles.

But forearm muscle building has a lot of benefits. Having muscular forearms looks great with the right outfits or no outfit on. Furthermore, forearm muscle building can help you when working on other exercises and provide you with a strong grip as well.

-Forearm Muscle Building Exercise #1:

The first exercise for forearm muscle building is the palm down wrist curl. Grab two dumbbells and place your hands on a bench. You need to sit on your knees with this exercise. In a slow motion, move your wrist up as far as you can and then back down to the starting position.

-Forearm Muscle Building Exercise #2:

This exercise is the opposite of the first one, palm up wrist curl. As you can imagine, you need to face your palms upwards with this one and perform the same motion as the first exercise.

-Forearm Muscle Building Exercise #3:

Forearm Exercises

Sit on a bench in front of a cable machine with a low pulley. Put a bar on the pulley and grab it with both hands. Place your forearms on your thighs and curl your wrist upwards, but your elbows should be touching your thighs all the time. Slowly return to the starting position and repeat as necessary.

-Forearm Muscle Building Exercise #4:

Sit on a bench with this exercise. It is called seated palm up wrist curl. Place your forearms on your thighs and with a dumbbell in one hand, slowly curl your wrist upwards and lower it afterwards. Repeat as necessary.

-Forearm Muscle Building Exercise #5
This exercise for forearm muscle building is called the seated palm down wrist curl. You place your forearm on your thigh as with the exercise above, but this time you have your palm downwards.
The difference between these two exercises and the first two is that when you place your forearms on a bench, you have a steady and firm resting place for your forearms. But when you place them on your thighs, they won’t rest that steady and it will be much like using free weights when training large muscle groups.

-Forearm Muscle Building Exercise #6:

This forearm muscle building exercise is done using 2 weight plates. Grab the two plates with one hand so that you extend your fingers more than normal. Now pull them upwards so that your elbows are bending in an angle of 45 degrees. Hold it there for as long as you can and switch arm afterwards. Repeat this exercise as required.
The great thing about forearm muscle building is that it does not take long to build them when you work out. Choose a couple of the above exercises and apply them with the rest of your workout routine.
All of the above forearm muscle building exercises are excellent for building strong and muscular                                            forearms, apply them and see the results.


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