Training Abdominals The Easy Way


Abdominals referred as abs are a bit tricky to build. Patience is the key in achieving a six pack. How often u have searched 6pack abs in Google and then see hundreds of guys suggesting their formula , they make it believe that you can have a ripped up abdominals in no time.Well if you want to pop your abs you gotta remember one thing “Abs are made in Kitchen not in Gym”. For that go for negative calorie intake . Burn more calories than you eat. Keep track of your daily intake calories , protein and fats. I prefer to monitor my food nutrients and calorie chart.

Go for 40% carb , 30% protein and 30% fat daily. Idea behind protien is that you have to take 1-1.5g/kg of your body weight e.g in my case if my body weight is 75kg so my protien requirement daily is around 112g. i will cover nutrient info soon . let me get straight to training of Abdominals

Crunches : Crunches are the first thingeverybody do . They are very helpful as the put stress on upper and middle abs.They are performed in various ways . Crunches on plain bench or surface , crunches on decline bench. Declines are to put more pressure than straight bench , do it when you have mastered straight bench crunches. You can do crunches anywhere on your floor as well. Tip : don’t move your neck forward and backward instead move your shoulders in the range of motion.

Hanging Leg raises : They are best for lower abs , my personal favorite .Just hang by holding the pull up bar and raise your legs as if you are trying to hit your chest with your knees.

Reverse crunches : In this you will lye straight on a bench and then lift your legs straight up and try to fold it towards chest. As in pic


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