10 Tips to Increase Your Bench Press


If you’re like anyone else, you’re either at a plateau, or just want to add some serious weight to your bench press:

1. Alternate the order of angled bench presses each chest workout
Keep your chest “guessing,” so it always feels challenged.

2. Try incorporating dumbbell presses into your workouts
Dumbbells provide a larger range of motion and stretch your chest more during the negative repetition.

3. Maintain a 4-6 rep range for adding mass
4 to 6 is the perfect rep range for heavy weight.

4. Consider training chest twice a week
Put your chest to work.

5. Train your Rotator Cuffs
Rotator Cuffs are inside your shoulder, and are used in many exercises, including Bench Press. The stronger your Rotator Cuffs are, the more ready they will be for a heavier bench press load.

 Bench Press

6. Train your Delts and Triceps
Also used in Bench Press: They will help support the heavy weight.

7. Set smaller goals for adding weight
Don’t make it your goal to add 25lbs in 2 weeks. That’s unreasonable and a set-up for disappointment. Instead, aim for about 5-10lbs.

8. Drop Sets
After your last set of Bench Press, immediately take off about 20-30lbs and continue the set for another 2-3 reps. This will surprise your Chest and is a good way to mix things up. This is easiest to do with Dumbbell Bench Presses.

9. Have a training partner.
You need a spot if you’re going heavy on bench press. Your training partner should share the same goal as you – don’t get a partner who is trying to lose weight if you’re trying to gain weight. Training partners can be competitive, which helps keep you motivated in the gym.

10. Stay positive
Don’t let yourself think that you can never bench 200lbs, just because you’ve been stuck at 185 for                                                                      three months.


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