2 best bicep exercises for total development

However if you are looking to get every last inch of growth from your biceps or they need a little boost, there are only two exercises you need to perform:
1. Close grip chin ups (under hand) palms facing you
2. Close grip pull ups (over hand) palms facing away
bicep exercises

Both of these exercises are bodyweight, they allow for the most weight to be lifted while isolating your biceps and are much harder than your average dumbbell curl.

The close grip chin ups will develop the overall thickness and size of the biceps.
The close grip pull ups will give your biceps optimal peak and height. They do this by working the brachialis muscle which sits under your biceps and help push up your biceps and create that high peak. They will also work your forearms balancing the look of your whole arm.

The ultimate workout to develop massive biceps

For optimal results work your biceps twice a week, with at least 48 hours between the workouts. For example perform workout A on Monday and workout B on Thursday.
Workout A:
  • Perform 10 reps, 3 sets for each exercise.
  • Use minimal rest between the sets and exercises.
  • Try to superset the 2 exercises.
  • Work your way up to no rest at all.
  • When you can perform all 6 sets back to back, with no rest, add weight.
Workout B:
  • 4-6 weighted reps, 3 sets for each exercise.
  • Alternate between the exercises, with 1 minutes rest between them.
  • Rest for 1 minute between sets.
  • Increase the weight when you hit 6 reps for all sets.
This will really stimulate growth from your biceps. Incorporate this into your current workout plan. If you are doing any other bicep isolated exercises get rid of them. Continue to perform any compound exercises that aren’t intended solely for the biceps, like back exercises – pull ups, rows, deadlifts.


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