7 Great Build Muscle Exercises


To get the body of your dreams, you should know some build muscle exercises that can make the difference you are ultimately looking for. But every build muscle exercises have their purpose and you need to know the right ones to build muscles the way you want.

This article will be about some build muscle exercises that focus on isolation workouts, as they are excellent for specific areas on your body. However, full body workout exercises like the squat, bench press, dead lift etc. should also be in your workout schedule.

-Build Muscle Exercises #1:

 close grip bench press

The first exercise is the close grip bench press. This is one of the build muscle exercises that works on your triceps in a way that a lot of exercises don’t and should definitely be in your triceps workouts. It can be performed on a smith machine or with a barbell on a bench.

-Build Muscle Exercises #2:

cable incline extensions

The second workout in the build muscle exercises is the cable incline extensions that work on your triceps. You need an incline bench and a pulley machine. Sit away from the pulley machine and grasp the straight bar. Keep your arms in a 90 degree angles from your elbows and push it forward so that you extend your arms and feel the flex in the triceps. Return and repeat.

-Build Muscle Exercises #3:

You need a pulley stand with a straight bar for this workout on the build muscle exercises, which targets your biceps. Grasp the bar and stand a couple of inches away from the stand and stand straight up. Keep your elbows firm and only move your forearms upwards and make them touch your biceps. Return to the start position and repeat.

7 Great Build Muscle Exercises

-Build Muscle Exercises #4:

This is almost the same workout as the above build muscle exercises, but you need to attach a rope to the pulley stand instead. Grasp the rope from each hand and perform the same motion as the build muscle exercises #4.

-Build Muscle Exercises #5:

Grab two dumbbells

This workout on the build muscle exercises targets your shoulders. Grab two dumbbells and stand straight. With your elbows slowly bend, lift your elbows and lift your arms left and right with each arms, all the way up to your shoulders level and return to the starting position.

-Build Muscle Exercises #6:

butterfly machine

This exercise is done on the butterfly machine and works on your chest. Sit on the seat and hold each handles. Squeeze the handles forward and make them touch each other in front of your chest and return to the start position.

-Build Muscle Exercises #7:

This workout on the build muscle exercises works on your back. Place one knee on a bench and rest your below knee area on the bench, while you place your other foot on the ground. Grab a dumbbell and pull it upwards all the way up so that you elbows are bending. Return and repeat.
Follow the above build muscle exercises and wait for the results to fly in.


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