Vitamin C for best muscle building supplement‏s


Maintaining a healthy life style required a balanced diet and good exercise, good nutrition is crucial for that goal. Creating your own healthy eating habit helps maintain yourself for many years it’s not just a short term goal this us a life goal.  In today’s society it is hard to do that as busy lifestyles and poor eating habits many of us have developed several vitamin deficiencies that can lead to poor health conditions, but wait not all is lost, there is a solution to correct this, there are different supplements that can help reverse and prevent these deficiencies.

One of the vitamins that is an essential is of course vitamin C, but not everyone knows it by “Ascorbic acid”. Vitamin C as every one knows helps reduce oxidative stress which is caused by rigorous training during bodybuilding sessions, work puts and routines, this becomes very apparent when you first start out and knowing this before u start training will help you recover better as you will prepare your body better before  you begin any training.

Vitamin C

Us humans do not have the ability like so many animals to produce our own vitamin c so we have to supplement  them ourselves by taking vitamins and also having foods rich in vitamin c.  Not allot of people realise that vitamin c has many benefits for instance it helps us humans to absorb iron from food as well as protect our cells. As everyone is well aware vitamin c helps the body fight infections like colds, it is also known to help build collagen, which I didn’t know myself till I started bodybuilding collagen is in nearly everything, i.e muscles, veins, teeth, bones, capillaries and in your cartilage.

As you read this I’m thinking your understanding how important vitamin c is in our daily lives, let alone when your bodybuilding/ exercising. It helps maintains your full body, and keeps it in working order.  As a bodybuilder you will also realise vitamin c plays a very important part of a natural supplement to you and your training by maintaining your muscles, and to help keep your body strong and your bones healthy.

Vitamin c can be sourced from various fruits and vegetables, most commonly known is the grapefruit and oranges. Less known vegetables are broccoli, Brussels sprouts, peppers, kiwi fruit and sweet potatoes are also a very good source of vitamin c, try to include these foods in your diet, there are so many recipes you can use to help incorporate them into your food routine, a lil change can go a long way.

It is also know that vitamin c can improve your exercise routine, having the right dosage can help to strengthen your immune system and will also help you recover quicker from your work out/ routine. A lil fact I never knew till I started training, vitamin c helps suppress a particular hormone called “cortisol”, which prevents muscle growth in your body while it encourages fat buildup. As vitamin c is a water-soluble it does not build up in your body so you can take a dosage that is safe for you and on a regular basis.

For best results it’s advised to take 1000 mg an he before you start your work out, this will also help reduce muscle soreness especially if you start to rip your muscles, it won’t take the full pain away just soreness. Vitamin c to me is a supper vitamin as no other vitamin has such benefits on your body. There are many versions of vitamin c but they are all efficient forms of vitamin c.


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