Body Weight Exercises to Burn Fat Without Cardio Exercise

Bodyweight exercise training is a cheap, fast, and effective way to burn fat without cardio exercise. You really dont need to go to a gym if you want to lose weight, burn belly fat, and get a flat stomach.
You know why? Because the truth is that diet is the most important part of fat loss, and as long as you have a good diet and you are eating fewer calories than you need, youll be able to lose weight and burn belly fat with almost any program.

Body Weight Exercises
But in todays crazy economy, most folks dont have the money to join a gym or get a personal trainer or have a treadmill at home, so we have to find cheaper and even FREE ways to burn belly fat.
So I want to give you this seven exercise bodyweight circuit that really targets the body for fat loss. We dont need any fancy equipment, and you can do this in the comfort of your own home, anytime of the day. You could also do it while traveling.
Below is an outline of the seven-exercise circuit:
1)Jumping Jacks
3)Spiderman Push-up
4)Reverse Lunge
6)Prisoner Siff Squat
7)Cross Body Mountain Climber
For each of these exercises you will want to perform 8-12 repetitions and if you are really strong and fit, then you could even do as many at 15 repetitions. Go through the circuit with no rest between exercises. Once completing the circuit, rest for 1 minute and then repeat the circuit up to 3 times in total.


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