How to gain muscle fast for women at home?

You don’t need any heavy expensive equipment for building muscle at home. You just have to do a workout on regularly basis. There is no hard and fast rule to gain muscle quickly. If you have a fast metabolism and thin physique you have to do a work hard to gain the muscles. Eat the right food free from the fats, work out regularly, is a best way for bigger muscles. For bigger muscles just follow the tips which we discuss in this article.
Many women think that after a muscular body that they become bulky and unfeminine. It’s not a completely true a muscular woman always give you a look of stronger woman as compare to the other women and give you a cool look . For bigger muscles women just follow the tips which we discuss Below.
Time to change your exercise
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Many women think that there is the same exercise when you will focus on to lose weight and make your muscles bigger. But yes its true there is a different exercise for both of the goals. To have big muscle women have to focus just one area of the body and chose the exercise according to that area. For the quickest result you have to do exercises for each muscle  group .And always try to do two different exercise for the selected part of the body .
Focus on the arm muscles;
You have to focus to the arm muscles whether you are a women or a man. Women have to start exercising for biceps. You can try exercise barbell curls or dumbbell curls. If you are not comparable with that exercise you can try ore exercise such as concentration curls, hammer curls, and cross body curls.
Cardio exercises
Twice a week women have to give 20 to 30 minutes to Cardio. Walking, aerobics, swimming will help you a lot to gain the fat and it will help you to maintain overall body balance. It’s a true that you focus on gaining muscles .But in that case you have to do some exercise that will be helpful for gaining fat.
Protein intake
For big muscles you have to take sufficient amounts of the protein. Protein intake is very important to grow the muscles but it doesn’t mean that you will leave the exercise and totally concentrate on the protein intake. Both things are very important to achieve the target. There are separate protein powders for the women I the market. You have to do just visit the market and choose the protein intake especially for women according to your choice and availability.
Never skip the breakfast
When you are concentrating on big muscles breakfast matters a lot in your daily routine. Breakfast will give you energy all the day and energize you all the day during the work also. Try to take egg whites in your breakfast. Because egg whites have protein and protein is important to achieve your target.
Carbohydrates rich foods
Before the workout you have to take something that will give you energy during the workout. Carbohydrates rich foods will be a good choice in that case. And when you finish the workout take protein shake. After workout shake will give you essential proteins for new muscle building.
8 hours sleep
8 hours sleep is also very important for women to grow the muscles. You will not delay the importance of exercise and protein shake to achieve the target of big muscles. But it’s true that new muscles build during the sleep so try to have 8 hours sleep for big muscle


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