The Best Gym Workout Routines for Men


When it comes to deciding on what the best gym workout routines for men are, it can be hard to know which the best is for you. Everyone’s body reacts differently to exercise, and it can be hard to find the best exercise that will help you get fit, lose weight, and build muscle. In order to determine what the best workout for you is, you need to know what your goals are for your workout routine.
Weight Reduction:

Many men workout with the purpose of losing weight in mind, and the workout routines that you will do to lose weight are very specialized. In order to lose weight, you need two things:

Gym Workout Routines
1. Lots of cardiovascular exercise (Cardio)

2. Sufficient weight training

The cardiovascular workout is the only way that you will get your heart pumping sufficiently to burn fat, and the weight training ensures that the fat all over your entire body is being burned and turned into muscles. Cardiovascular exercise is very effective for burning fat, but you will simply lose overall mass and develop a lean runner’s body if you don’t do sufficient weight training.

Peak Physical Condition:

When it comes to getting your body into peak physical condition, it can be a lot more difficult than simply losing weight. Your body can handle a lot of strain, and it takes a lot of exercise to get into peak condition. You will need to do a lot of circuit training, which is doing a lot of exercises focusing on toning every area of your body, all with very little rest between exercises. An example of a circuit training routine is:

1. Bench Press

2. Squats

3. Pull-Ups Squats

4. Push-ups

5. Dips

6. Lunges

These exercises concentrate on exercising the various muscles within your body, all inside a circular pattern. To be able to have the obtain the most from circuit training, you have to allow a maximum of 20 seconds between exercises. Do 20 or 25 repetitions of every exercise to be able to build lean muscle mass in your body.

Building Muscle:

When it comes to building muscle, there is no particular formula that will work for everyone. Each body reacts differently to the exercises, and you need to see what works for your body. However, you need to focus on lifting a large quantity of weight, as that is what will truly stretch the muscles and make them grow. You also need to do few repetitions, between 4 and 6 for each exercise. Make sure to build every area of your body evenly, as you don’t want to end up with huge chest and shoulder muscles and a weak core. Make sure that your entire body receives an even workout, and focus on building one muscle set every day of the week.
Here is an example workout:

– Day 1: Chest

– Day 2: Biceps

– Day 3: Back

– Day 4: Triceps

– Day 5: Shoulders

– Day 6: Core

– Day 7: Legs

These are just a few sample gym workout routines for men, but they are some of the best for anyone, regardless of body type. Choose the workout you want to do, be faithful, and stick with it. Only by working out consistently will you achieve the results you desire.


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