What Foods To Eat To Build Super Big Muscles Quick ?


The Anabolic Diet is the absolute best diet for building muscle and losing fat, hands down. The diet
involves eating only fats and proteins throughout the week, and then eating largely carbohydrates
on the weekends. Through this intelligent nutrient timing, your body turns into a fat­burning,
muscle­building cauldron.

This article is geared toward those who already know about the Anabolic Diet. Many who are
starting the diet are confused — what are the best foods to eat to build muscle?
 What are the best food to eat to build muscle on the Anabolic Diet? Stick to whole foods that
provide complete protein and healthy fats. This means lots of eggs and beef!
There is essential food for building muscle.

bodybuilding food

Protein is the food for muscle building. Some high protein foods include: eggs, skim milk, low fat
cottage cheese, fish, lean pork, lean beef, chicken and turkey. The amount of protein you eat
depends on your weight; you should eat 1 gm of protein for every pound you weigh.
High protein food for muscle building also helps muscles recover after a workout. Without protein
food for muscle building you will not gain any muscle. Protein also helps lose fat,
Bodybuilders are encouraged to eat five or six mini meals instead of three regular meals. The time
of the day you eat your protein affects our muscle growth, you should eat your largest amounts of
protein at your post breakfast field, right before bed and after your workout.

 Protein shakes and bars can help you meet the heavy protein demands and save some time.
Shakes can provide up to 24grams of protein. For muscle mass building you should eat one gram
of protein for every pound you weigh.

 Your diet also has to include fats and carbohydrates. Your diet should include a lot of vegetables
and carbohydrates with fiber. These foods help to digest the protein. Essential fats are another
food for building muscle. Carbohydrates provide energy through glycogen.

 Your body needs fats for digestion and to help you feel satisfied after you eat. Essential fats can e
found in peanuts, walnuts and olive oil to name a few. Fats are necessary to gain muscle. Choose
low fat brands.

The bottom line though for weight gain is eating more calories. Try to balance your diet and
provide variety. Fruits can provide quick carbohydrates. For weight gain you should eat 20 more
calories per pound of body weight. There is a lot of information about diets and supplements for
bodybuilding. Talk to trainers and other builders.

Many people look at the phrase “healthy fats” next to “beef and eggs” and get confused. The
naturally occurring fats from beef and eggs are in fact good for you.

 Eating other meats is a good idea as well, but the bulk of your diet should be coming from beef
and eggs. You should be getting close to hitting your macronutrient ratio for the Anabolic Diet
based on beef and eggs alone.
Now you know food to eat to build muscle, time for ACTION!
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