4 Muscle Building Tips for a Skinny Body

There are many muscle building tips for a skinny body that are available out there that can easily confuse you. There are all correct to some extent when it comes to gaining mass. However, most of them are not tailored to a specific body, which in this case is… A SKINNY BODY. Here are 4 muscle building tips that skinny guys absolutely must apply to gain mass even that much faster.

Counting calories will actually make things easier

Have you heard of skinny people complaining about how much of food they eat in a day, and yet they fail to gain any reasonable pounds? Well, that’s because it’s NOT ENOUGH. They might think of it as a lot. But it’s not about what they think. It’s about facing the numbers called “calories”. Never assume the amount of calories you put into your body. Know your number. If you don’t see the results you want, adjust it either by adding or subtracting from it.
Muscle Building Tips for a Skinny Body

Go hard, or GO HOME

If you want to grow big, gain mass, and sculpt a rock hard physique, you’re going to have to push yourself to overcome boundaries. It’s time to get aggressive with your body, especially in the GYM. You don’t want to visit the gym and work your body out like most people do to keep fit. Have the mentality that you’re going for a muscle mass training thaat’s going to give enormous growth to your body. Use terms like “pumping IRON”, “HIT the gym”, and “blast my GUNS” in your vocabulary to give you that extra PUMP before HIITING the gym.

Transformation targets you set for your own body

Always know where you’re heading before starting on your body transformation journey. Most of us neglect setting an end goal for muscle building, which is probably due to the fact that we know we’re not going to achieve it. We train for a week or two, and if we don’t see ourselves shaping like The Rock, we THROW IN THE TOWEL. Is the end goal not realistic enough? Of course not. You just need to break down your weight goals for every 2 weeks, which sounds simplistic, but it’s true. Start hitting your minor weight goals every 2 weeks, and you’ll be your own ROCK by the time you know it.

It’s all about the beach, it’s all about the GIRLS

Remember to celebrate when you’re done! Some guys spend so much time worrying about getting that muscle man physique that they don’t realize, THEY’RE ALREADY THERE. It’s time to show your body off by going to the beach, and trust me… heads will turn! Every once in a while, you’ll get some beautiful ladies coming up to feel that rock solid abs, or those huge guns. Either way, you need to be proud of what you’ve achieved. Don’t hide your physique under loose shirts. Don’t be afraid to show your size now. You’ve earn it!


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