How to Building Muscle Mass?


Many people complain about the shape of their body, there is too fat and too thin, as a result, they become less confident.
And most of them would ask
How to building muscle mass ?

Frequently asked questions about the formation of muscle mass. have an ideal body, muscular, sixpact is the desire of all
men, but with a long process in the gym, there are also men who are frustrated about muscle mass building program which
he lived, most of the men complained

How to quickly build muscle?

 How to get ripped fast?

How to Building Muscle Mass

All it needs a process, the process of formation of muscle mass can not be 1 month, 2 months, 3 months already have a
muscular body. NO!, You must follow the process, focus, and consistent.
If you follow the process of the formation of muscle mass with good, focus and consistent come to the gym, then your
dream to get a muscular body would you detect.

Okay ! , Back to the question : How to building muscle mass ?
 The answer is :
                                         1 . Weight Training for Building Muscle Mass

Usually weight training using tools with different levels of variation, variation in question is the level of load that can be
lifted by a person. “Free Weights” is a mechanism or a way to train strength and muscular endurance by using a barbell or
dumbbells, fitness machines that use cables and pulleys are also good for helping to lift weights for strength training and
muscle endurance

 To raise the muscle , there are several things to consider .

 1 . Exercising muscles with weights that are ” heavy ” .

Weight here is a challenging amount of weight ( able to be appointed ) .Muscles you should train with a maximum weight
load of reps 4­8 times. For an increase in muscle mass , lifting light weights ( if we are able to lift 10­15 reps ) is not
recommended .
So, should you train the muscles to lift heavy loads and low reps is more efficient than you lift light weights with lots of reps
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         2 Eat More ( 4­5 times / day ) 

The best and effective way to increase metabolism is to eat more often 4­5 times a day and 2­3 healthy snacks between
meals. Choose snacks that are high in protein, low fat and low sugar as a non ­ fat yogurt and nuts are examples of snacks
that are high in protein and low in fat to beat hunger while providing satisfaction. Try every 4 hours you should eat moderate
portions.Eating foods that contain lots of protein such as eggs , nuts , milk , chicken breast , fruit and vegetables .

Do not forget to Drink Enough Water .

Water is an essential component for the body to build muscle at its optimal level, the body needs sufficient water to smooth
metabolic system in the body. You should drink 7­8 glasses per day is very good for your metabolism and build muscle.
Here’s a great little formula to help the the make sure you are getting enough: Body weight in pounds x 0.6 = Water Intake
in ounces

                                                              3. Get Your Rest 

You need time for your body to recover and repair (build) your muscles are trained at practice, a way to sleep at least 7­8
hours of sleep a night for the recovery process. Do not stay up! Avoid caffeine and alcohol for deeper sleep.

In addition to adequate sleep for recovery, you should not be too much in your training because it will have a negative
impact on your body, if you do excessive exercises you will experience a decrease in body condition. so, do not overdo it!

Do not think that “more is better” but in fact the opposite happened, if you do too much exercise your body will decrease
and you will be sick!

 If you are experiencing is known as “over ­ training” in the which you’ll lose the ability to “pump” and can even lead to
muscle wasting ­ exactly the opposite of what you are trying to achieve. The symptoms to be aware for if you’re feeling will
probably fall into the zone of over­training.

Chronic fatigue
Loss of appetite
Strength loss
Lowered sex drive
 Chronic soreness
Prone to injury
Decrease in body condition

 Okay, it is 3 important things you must do if you want to get a muscular body:

1. Weight Training for Building Muscle Mass 
2. Eating more 
3. Resting 

 If you’ve done this 3 well, I’m sure 3­4 months your body will show the results of your workout :). Do not forget, follow the
process, focus, and consistent.
Good luck!


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