Toning Muscle Workout – Perfecting your Abs


Even though they are some of the most commonly used muscles in your body, there are often misconceptions regarding the abs. Continue reading to learn the truth behind these misconceptions, along with a toning muscle workout that will whip your abs into shape in no time!

abs workout

Myth:  Consistently working out the abs will burn your belly fat and give you those 6-pack abs in no time

Truth:  While performing a toning muscle workout on your abs will definitely help increase the size and strength of your core ab muscles, you must combine these with a full-body workout routine to really achieve the maximum results.  This includes both full-body weight training as well as cardiovascular workouts to really cut the fat.

Myth:  Doing more crunches/situps/sidebends will help me get toned abs more quickly

Truth The truth is, rather than focusing on doing more repitions, you need to focus all your attention on doing your exercise repititions more effectively.  If you can really concentrate and isolate the muscles, you’re better off doing 12 reps of a specific exercise correctly, than doing 100 reps of the same exercise incorrectly.

Myth If I workout my abs everyday, I will get toned abs more quickly

Truth:  You should NEVER workout any muscle group everyday.  Your muscles, including your abs, need time to rest and rebuild.  If you don’t offer these resting periods, they will never get the opportunity to recover and grown back stronger and more defined.  You should workout your abs no more than 2 or 3 times a week.

abs workout

While these are just a few of the many, many common myths associated with the abs, hopefully it’s given you a better idea on how to approach your toning muscle workout regarding your abs.  There are a ton of exercises out there for your abs, each targeting a different section to give you’re abs that true 6-pack definition.


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