5 Muscle Mass Mistakes to be Avoided

Building muscle mass is the number one goal of almost every guy in fitness. And yet most of them never build muscle the way they want, especially not enough of it!

Here are a few weight training tips for building muscle so you can start adding massive pounds of muscle to your body.

If you can avoid these common mistakes, you’ll go a long way toward building more muscle.
Muscle Mass Mistakes to be Avoided

Muscle Mass Mistake 1: Not working legs

This could be the biggest mass building mistake that bodybuilders make when starting out. They avoid heavy barbell squats.Barbell squats, done correctly, and done intensely, are the single biggest muscle mass building exercise you can do. And yet how many people do you see at your gym doing heavy barbell squats?
Mass Mistake 2: Not training intensely enough

If you want to build muscle you have to train with intensity. Stop substituting more volume (more exercises, more sets, more reps) with real all out intensity.
Mass Mistake 3: Routine hopping

Stop seeking out the one magic routine that will instantly add 50 pounds of muscle to your body. Get a solid grasp of the fundamentals of weight training, put together a quality routine, and stick with it long enough to see results. Sure, if you haven’t gained any muscle in 8 months, you’ll probably want to change something. But don’t randomly change your routine every two weeks. Give a good weight lifting routine time to work and you’ll see more muscle gains.
Mass Mistake 4: Neglecting Nutrition

Weight training is the stimulus for your body to add muscle mass but it needs to have the tools to do so. Those tools are enough quality calories. In your quest for more muscle mass don’t forget the role that nutrition plays in muscle building: frequent feedings, quality calories, lots of protein, no junk food, vitamins, minerals, good fats, and lots of water.
Mass Mistake 5: Use Anabolic Steroids Smartly

Smart use of anabolic steroids can speed-up gaining your muscle. You can easily make a progress of one year in just a few weeks. However don’t forget to use steroids according to instructions


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