8 Top Tips to Select the Right Gym

One of the most important factors which will either support or destroy your muscle building dream is the GYM. Hence, it is very important that give more priority in choosing the gym that you want to go to. If you don’t choose your gym carefully, you might have to change gym later and start again to get used to your new gym, which would be very troublesome for you, let alone dampen your spirit.
Here, I am going to focus on 8 important factors that would guide you when it comes to choosing your right gym.
1. Choose the gym which is closer to your home

As you need to workout 3-4 times a week. a gym nearer to your house would be the most convenient to go  after your long work on weekdays. You wouldn’t want to spend 2 hours beating the traffic in the opposite direction and traveling back home after gym. If your gym is to the left and your home to the right at the junction, trust me, it would seem easier to turn right than left. So, to keep the sense of guilt out of the way, get a gym that is closer to home, or on the way back home.
2. Do a background check on Membership Cost 

Do a background check on membership cost before you sign up for one. It is good to pay a visit to the gym to see if the facilities are worth the money you pay. Gym membership typically requires you to sign a contract somewhere between 1 year, 2 years or more. Make sure that you are comfortable with the duration and that you will be maximizing the facilities.
Right Gym
3. Gender of Members

Well, if you are not really particular about all-guys or all-ladies gym, then you wouldn’t have to worry about this. Just make sure you will be comfortable with your fellow gym-mates who you will be meeting quite frequently.
4. Usage Ratio

This might be a critical issue that you have to ensure the gym provides enough equipment for the number of members that it caters for. After all, you wouldn’t want to wait 45 minutes each time to get on a treadmill. Also, a crowded sauna after the workout would be a nightmare.
5. Opening Hours

You have to plan carefully the most convenient time to visit the gym and make sure that the gym is open at that time. If you prefer to go early in the morning before you get to the office, make sure that the gym opens early in the morning. There is no point subscribing to the gym if you can’t make it during the gym operating hours.
6. Personal Trainer

Most gyms give you the option to engage an in-house personal trainer. But it is important for you to check if the trainer is really certified as you wouldn’t want to pay someone and get the same results that you have gotten by training on your own.  Ensure that the trainer has enough experience and has trained many students previously.
7. Gym Hygiene

Make sure that the gym has a high level of hygiene because you will be coming in contact with the equipment often. The last place you want to be is in a sloppy sauna after a long workout! Also, make sure they provide enough towels for the users.
8. Condition of Equipment

Make sure that the equipment are well maintained and they are functioning. You wouldn’t want to go to a gym with 5 treadmills and 3 of them are out-of-order. While most gyms ensure that the equipment are in order to retain the members, you would want to double check just to make sure the management is doing their job, after all you are paying for it!
Make sure you get a right start as you will be going on a journey! Good luck!


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