Are full body workouts good for skinny guys?


Are full body workouts good for skinny guys? This is a very smart question to ask. It means you are thinking about how you should be training, for the best muscle gains.

Studies and ‘real world’ research has shown that full body workouts are good for skinny guys. The reason being that skinny guys do not have as good as recovery ability as naturally larger people. Due to a fast metabolism and genetic make up.
Therefore it is better for you to do less volume on a muscle during one training session. Then spread the total volume of work on a muscle throughout the week, into two or three sessions. One person who is a massive fan of full body workouts, is someone who used to be called Skinny Vinny. Who is now a champion Canadian bodybuilder!  That is his photo on the right –>

Are full body workouts good for skinny guys? The Best Skinny Guy Weight Training Exercises

Can you imagine you are wasting all your time on the wrong weight training exercises? Can you imagine that every weight training exercise you are doing is dead wrong? Skinny guy’s must meet a different set of requirements when choosing the most effective weight training exercises for maximal muscle growth. You do what to transform your skinny body into a rock-hard muscular body, right?
Without further ado, here are the top two exercises for each muscle group I used to gain 41 pounds of muscle mass in under six months:
Chest: Bench Press and Flat DB Chest Press
Back: Bent Over Barbell Rows and Close Grip Chin Ups
Shoulders: Seated DB Shoulder Press and Standing Military Press
Triceps: Dips and Tricep Pressdowns
Biceps: Standing Barbell Curls and Incline Bicep Curls
Quads: Squats and Lunges
Hips: Deadlifts and Stiff Leg Deadlifts
Lower Back: Good Morning
Calves: Standing Calve Raises
Abdominals: Weighted Ball Situps and Weighted Cable Crunches
Yes, there are many more exercises I did not list but these are simply the best. Stick to these weight training exercises for the best possible muscular and strength gains and you will have a rock-hard muscular body in less time than before!
I hope this article helped to answer your question: Are full body workouts good for skinny guys?


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