Best Triceps Workouts and Exercises For Muscle Building

When building up your arm muscles you should not only work on your biceps muscle and not care about others, like the triceps and forearms. Many people in the gym think that if they work on their chest, their triceps will work enough for the whole week by doing that exercise. No! Let me tell you something, triceps muscles are 60% of your upper arm muscle and biceps are only 40%. That is 20% lower that triceps, and usually you only focus on biceps and forget the importance of triceps workouts.
To gain a bigger and stronger arm you should do triceps workouts weekly like biceps ones. You do not need to work more on your triceps than biceps, try to work on both the same, that means 1-2 times per week with around 3-4 exercises per day. Before you start working on your muscles do some warming up to prevent any problems. Also be careful that you put on both hands the same weight and try to do exercises slowly with pauses around 1 minute between each routine.
Here are some of the best triceps workouts and exercises that you should work on. Remember this are for your first week, next week you should change exercises to get better and faster progress when it comes to gaining strength and muscles.
Close Grip Bench Press – I always start with that workout which is one of the main and basic ones for your triceps. This time you push up with your triceps not with your shoulders or chest muscles, try to do workout slowly and concentrated. Between your each hand grip you should have around 2 hands of space.

Close Grip Bench Press
Skull Crusher – Another basic workout with good progress for your triceps muscle. Try to keep your elbows near with around 2 hands of space between them. Keep them a bit up in front of your eyes when doing the exercise.

Skull Crusher


Cable Triceps Extension – This workout needs to be done concentrated at max. Try to lower the weight you pull down to gain more concentration on your triceps extension. Keep your elbows and arms locked into the side of your body.

Cable Triceps Extension


Bench Dips – I do this exercise on the end of my workout. Try to do as many dips as you can, to hurt your triceps at max, but do it correctly!

Bench Dips



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