Shoulder Workouts For Mass Muscle Gains


Benefits Of Shoulder Workouts Routine

The first reason being that the first phase of the workout focuses more on strength. Which is an essential part of any workout. Having a good strength base is something which you can use to build some muscle mass on. You will also be able to lift more weight and do more reps as you get stronger.
There are many benefits of this shoulder workout routine. The first may shock you, but you actually get bigger shoulders with this routine. Seriously though, there are some more advanced reasons why this is a good shoulder workout.
The second phase of the shoulder workouts routine focuses on muscle hypertrophy (scientific name for muscle growth). It does this by using more reps and more time under tension. This creates a good environment to make a muscle grow.
This shoulder workout ensures that you work all three heads of the shoulder, to give your shoulder a full wide look. There is also some work in this shoulder routine target the traps (muscle between your neck and shoulder). This will ensure you have good symmetry and not have these big boulder shoulders sticking out the sides making you look stupid.

Shoulder Workouts Routine

So lets have a look at the shoulder workouts routine below:

Shoulder Workout Routine

Order Exercise Sets Reps Rest Interval
A Military Press 3 6-8 60 sec
B Side Lateral Raise 3 10-12 60 sec
C Reverse Dumbbell Fly 3 10-12 60 sec
D Barbell Shrugs 4 10-12 60 sec
For the military press try to increase weight every week as this is the strength part of the workout. Use explosive lifts here as this uses more muscle fibres, especially the larger ones.
For the side lateral raises and reverse dumbbell fly’s try to increase your reps every week, until you can do 12 reps for each set. Then increase the weight to bring your reps down to 10 per set, and use that weight until you can do 12 reps for each set again. Then increase weight and continue. These two exercise will give you a wider look, wide also filling out the rear of the shoulder, which is often forgotten about.
Do the barbell shrugs as noted above, where you keep using the same weight each week. Until you reach the upper rep range limit, before you increase the weight. These shrugs will target your traps, which will give you a great look across the top your shoulders.

I hope you enjoyed my post on shoulder workouts.


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