3 Calf Exercises That Show Results

The calves can be the most stubborn and hard to work muscle in your entire body. You’ll have to do a lot of pumping to get the calves you want. Sometimes, it just comes down to genetics so be prepared with your expectations. Other times, it’s bad training that leaves us with small calves. Here are detailed instructions on how to properly do the top 3 calf exercises that will get your calves bigger.

1. Leg Machine Calf Press – Use caution when performing this exercise. Using the leg press, position your back comfortably on the back rest, and place your feet on the plate. Put your toes on the lower edge of the platform so your feet are half hanging off (this is why you must be careful). Make sure your feet are shoulder width apart. Push the weight up and swing the safety locks. Remember not move your knees, only your ankles should be performing the movement. Let your feet come back down in a long stretch and pause. Then slowly raise your feet and extend your feet. Hold this position at the top and squeeze your calf muscles as tight as you can. Slowly, come back down. Repeat this exercise. Recommended reps are 8-10.

Leg Machine Calf Press
2. Standing Calf Raises – There are muscles in the calves. The Gastrocnemius, which straight knee raises will focus on, and the Soleus, most active when the knee is bent. You can do this exercise three different ways. With a machine, freestanding with weights or free standing without weights. If you do it freestanding with weights, be sure to put a barbell across your back or a dumbbell in each hand. For the machine, stand on the foot block and place your shoulders underneath the padding. Stand so that the balls of your feet are only touching the foot block. Point your toes forward; your feet should be shoulder width apart. Start with your heels down in a good long stretch, keeping your knees stiff but never keep them locked. Move only your ankles, not your knees when you raise. Raise up the balls of your feet as high as you can get. For use without a machine, perform the same steps on a foot block.

 Standing Calf Raises
Notes: Working the inside of your calves requires you to raise yourself to the inside balls of your feet. Naturally, the outside of your calves can be worked by raising towards the outside balls of your feet.
Do not turn in toes or feet.
Do not bend or straighten the knees. This brings your quads into the exercise and you’ll see less gains.
3. Seated Calf Raises – The second exercise for calves is the machine for the Seated Calf Raises. Put your desired weight on the machine and sit down. Keep your feet shoulder width apart with the balls of your feet on the foot block. You can adjust the pads at your knees for the desired height. Lift up the weight with your feet and remove the pin that’s in the machine. Slowly lower for about 2 seconds down as far as you can go. Pause at the bottom and wait another 2 seconds. Then raise, again, lasting 2 seconds and stop at the top. Flex your calves when you reach the top and hold it for 2-3 seconds. The recommended sets are about 8-10, depending on whether you are going for size or strength. And that’s all there is to this one.

Seated Calf Raises
That’s how you add muscle properly to those stubborn calf muscles. Keep the routine up and you’ll see improvements, I promise.

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