3 Fitness Workouts For Women That Will Make You Look Good in a Swimsuit

Are you one of those women that want to get a beach body in minimum time? Bodyweight exercises are easy fitness workouts for women and they often give fast results. The awesome thing about body weight exercises is that you can do them as a circuit. By doing them as a circuit you will get the best of both worlds, cardiovascular training and strength training. This means that your workouts will be very short and this is a good thing if you are a busy mom or business woman.
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Bodyweight Squats for Legs and Thighs
Believe it or not body weight squats are one of the best fitness workouts for women to sculpt their legs and thighs. Not only does this exercise target the legs but it also benefits the core and helps to burn belly fat. The reason why this is so effective is because the legs are a large muscle group. When you target a large muscle you will burn fat faster and your metabolism will skyrocket. If you plan on developing a strength training circuit then the bodyweight squat is one exercise to not leave out.
Getting Stronger Arms with Push-ups
A feature that looks very attractive in a woman is toned arms. To develop toned arms one of the best fitness workouts for women is push-ups. Push-ups will help carve out your triceps and will also make you stronger. Push-ups are a great exercise for moms because they will help develop strength for when a child needs to be carried. Not only are push-ups good for upper body strength but they also target the core because you are lifting your whole body during the exercise. If you want a lean upper body then push-ups is an exercise that you do not want to leave out of your circuit training.
Interval Training for Faster Fat Loss
There are many fitness workouts for women to get fast results but the most important one is interval training. Interval training is a form of cardio that will target belly fat at the core. Intervals are great because they only take about 20 minutes to complete and all you need is a treadmill if you want to do them at home. Using a treadmill for intervals is recommended because this will allow you to monitor your time and speed during your workout.

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