5 Workout Mistakes Beginners Should Avoid

As a beginner, it’s perfectly normal to be excited about your workout. However, you can’t let your excitement get the better of you. You still have to watch out for slipups which can negatively affect your workout. Here are some of the workout mistakes beginners should avoid.
Not having a plan
In war, soldiers have a battle plan. In sports, teams follow a play. You need the same system when you’re going to work out. It’s the same principle. A plan includes a system to help you make the most out of your workout. There’s also some foresight involved. Training plans have a prescribed time where you will need to reach a reasonable target. When you enroll in a gym, ask if they provide a training plan in their membership. Although you can easily get a training plan online, a personalized plan works best.
Workout Mistakes Beginners
Having too much faith in supplements
Supplements help you to maximize your workout by providing nutrients and help you perform better. But don’t put too much weight in supplements. You will still go as far as your effort takes you, as well as good eating habits. And when choosing supplements check the quality of the ingredients. You can even go as far as checking the quality of the product with a trainer or physician to make sure it suits you.
Wearing just about any gear
When you’re playing basketball, you need basketball shoes and a jersey. When its soccer you need cleats which are based on the pitch you’ll be playing in. In every sport and training regimen, you have to wear the right gear to reap the maximum benefits and prevent injuries. Wearing lifestyle shoes, which some people do, can cause strain on their feet and ankles. Obviously, you’ll lift weights in the gym. Your feet bear the brunt of that, including your body weight. You’ll also do cardio. So your feet will be taking quite a pounding. Choose shoes which have good support and cushioning but still allows you move freely and doesn’t weigh you down. If you haven’t decided on a shoe yet, check out Reebok shoes, which you can buy at online shops. The brand creates some of the best workout shoes in the market. It’s lightweight, breathable, but durable and has great foot support. Its outsole also has superior traction, for ensured stability.
Also, avoid wearing cotton clothes in the gym. Cotton absorbs a lot of moisture and can chafe. You don’t want to be soaked in sweat and uncomfortable. Instead, use technical wear. These are workout clothes, which you can also find in online shops, which wick away sweat from your skin and also has anti-bacterial properties.
Skipping leg day and forgetting core muscles
Most people want a big muscular chest, washboard abs and ripped arms. So they put so much emphasis on their upper body without realizing that their lower body needs to improve as well. An unbalanced physique will leave you prone to injuries. Also, you won’t have the same strength and intensity when doing workouts if you have a weak lower body.
Another area you should not forget is your core. Sure, you exercise your abs. But what about your lower back and obliques? A strong core stabilizes your body.
For some beginners, workout results will take some time. Others on the other hand, can see the results early. In both instances, however, fight the urge to over train. Overtraining causes muscle fatigue and actually slows down your progress. Too much training increases your injury risk as well. Whether you’ve yet to see results or already reaping the benefits of your hard work, take a rest. Take 2-3 days of rest from your routine. Allow your body to heal itself. You’ll also perform better after the rest.

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