Chest Exercises For Men | Guides For Beginners

The most basic and convenient chest exercises for men are push-ups.
If you can’t do it with both your knees up from the floor, you can do it with both knee knelt on the floor, cross both feet and lift them back and upward, lean forward to touch the ground with both hands at the same width as your shoulder. Keep your back straight and tighten the buttocks, slowly bent your arms until chest touches the ground, then slowly use the strength of the elbow to push the body upwards and return to the original position.
In the push-ups , the hand placement makes a difference to the area of concentration of the workout.
Wide hand position – with both hands open up wider than the shoulder, the push up is putting intensity on the chest.
Close hand position – with both hands at shoulder width or narrower, the workout concentrate on the triceps.
Feet elevated position– tension focus on upper chest and for higher intensity workout.
Other chest exercises for men which can be done in the gym are the Peck Deck chest fly and standing cable fly.
Chest Exercises For Men
 In Peck Deck chest fly, adjust the seat height so that the handle are at the same height with your shoulders, keeping your arms slightly bent state, do not  over open your arms to avoid injury to the shoulder and do not use too heavy weight. Concentrate to fully squeeze your pectoral muscles to bring the handle to front and pause for 3 seconds before release back to the original position.
In standing cable fly, regulate the cable and stand in between the cable station. Stand with one foot slightly in front of another and knee slightly bend. With body slightly bend forward, pull the cable forward by squeezing the chest muscles until both hands touching. The intention of this workout is to fully stretch the chest muscles and then squeeze it as much as possible. The weight used is in fact secondary.
Another variation in the standing cable fly is the cross type .There are two ways to choose the cross, one is a left hand on top. Next ,switch to the right hand on top. In the cross type, the magnitude of the pull is much larger than two hands touching method in front. Thus, the squeezing effect on the chest muscle is more effective in the cross type.
Try out other chest exercises for men that are available in the gym namely the barbell or dumbbell bench press. Whichever exercises you choose, consistent workouts and perseverance are the key success to muscular and great chest.


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