Fast Muscle Gain Workout Using 7 Metabolism Boosting Exercises

we’re going to take a look at a “Fast Muscle Gain Workout Using 7 Metabolism Boosting Exercises” which I personally use each time I wish to pack on additional size.
So, when heading into a gym, the first thing that you should do is find a proper place for you to perform these workouts. Typically, you would want to find an area which has the best exercises or should I say, have the proper equipment in order for you to perform the best exercises.
I’m sure you will notice that there are a lot of machines upon entering a gym, which I’m sure yours would too. However, machines would definitely not be my first choice of doing when it comes to performing the most effective muscle building exercises, or exercises for boosting your metabolism.
Bent over rows
I would rather stick to compound exercises that will allow you to do a full range motion, as not all machines will allow you to do that. I would prefer to stick with functional exercises, again allowing you to work through a natural range of motion.
This means the exercises are performed through your own body alignment, and not the machine’s alignment. Machines are made for every single person in the gym (which is about 8,000 in mine!), meaning that every person that comes to the gym has to use that machine. Of course it’s adjustable, but everyone has a different body type. So it’s not going to be as “personalized” so to speak.
Another quality of fast muscle gain workout exercises is that they allow you to load up lots and lots of weight. The problem with some of these machines is that they only allow you to go up to a certain amount of weight. So what do you do when you max that out???
In every gym there is usually a room or an area where you could build some real muscle in. If you look around, you would probably see some squat platforms, some deadlift platforms, probably a long rack of free weights, and lots of barbells. This is where you want to be!
Here are the top 7 metabolism boosting exercises used in this fast muscle gain workoutroutine:
  1. Bent over rows
  2. Deadlifts
  3. Clean and presses (vertical pushing)
  4. Bench press (horizontally pushing)
  5. Pullups
  6. Dips
  7. Squats
Any sort of rowing exercise will do; preferably bent over rows. This is because, not only are you going to be using your back, but you’re also going to be using your glutes, your hamstrings, your core to stabilize you.
Understand that the more muscle mass you can use, the more hormones you’re going to release. So with that being said, you’re going to notice an overlapping theme with these exercises.
Also take note that these exercises are in no particular order, feel free to mix it around according to your preference. Just start off with the traditional methods and forget about the variations at first. Keep in mind that these exercises were design to use lots of muscle mass, so it might get your ticker (heart rate) going. This is normal as per anyone who performs these metabolism boosting exercises.
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