Gym Workout Routines For Men

Gym workout routines for men can consist of any number of exercises. The differentiating factor is the goal of the routine.  Iis it for cardio endurance? Is it to lose weight? Build muscle? Perhaps a combination of the three? Depending on your goal, gym workout routines for men can look wildly different. Some require machines, some resistance via weights (either gym weights or body weight), and some simply a treadmill and some time.
Gym Workout Routines For Men

Here are some sample gym workout routines for men:

1)      The best way to build cardiovascular endurance is by using a treadmill, stair climber, or elliptical, at a low (or medium) setting for a long period of time. You will soon find that you can spend more and more time or perhaps even increase the speed a tad bit and still be comfortable; this is the nature of cardio endurance.
2)      While early fat loss routines have looked extremely similar to cardio routines in the past, science has recently proven that fat loss (as opposed to mass loss, which includes muscle), is all about speed. Many fat loss routines still look like their cardio counterparts, but at a medium to high rate of speed. HIIT (high intensity interval training) is an excellent exercise that alternates periods of high intensity “bursts” with periods of lower to medium intensity.
3)      Muscle building workouts are all about resistance. These can be done as isometric exercises using bodyweight only (such as pushups and pull ups) or with weights.

For any gym workout routines for men, remember:

A)    For exercises meant to build muscle, use a weight that you can perform approximately 6-10 reps with. This is the amount that will build type 1 muscle fibers. When you are comfortable doing 12+ reps with a particular weight, it is time to move up.
B)    If it starts to hurt, or it becomes unusually sore; stop and take a break. Injury will keep you from exercising for a very long time, or worse.
Gym workout routines for men are a great way to stay in shape. When searching through gym workout routines for men, remember; always pick one that fits your goals (and one you can comfortably keep up with!)

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