Abs Are Sexy!

I am sure that many of you have watched numerous ab commercials suggesting products that would land you the perfect set of abs. You have probably wasted tons of cash on worthless products. I know I have. Do you know what you are doing every time you purchase one of these items? You are buying a dream. A dream that most likely will never become reality. In my opinion, there is no easy way to obtain six pack abs. You have to work at it. It is an ongoing process unless you were genetically blessed.
In order to develop your six pack, you will need to exercise regularly and set a strict diet. Doing one without the other will not cut it. You need both. I can not stress this enough, when you diet please form a plan. Do not just make up a meal as you go along. This could spell disaster for you. You should put yourself on a meal schedule and stick to it. I believe it is okay to go with a six and one plan. That is six days of dieting with one day off. You can diet Monday-Saturday, then take Sunday to enjoy yourself. To relax and enjoy your favorite food. This could prove to be very beneficial to your long term dieting plans.
Abs Are Sexy!
Diet Sample
1 bowl of oatmeal with 2 hard-boiled eggs
1 Packet of nuts
Tuna fish and cooked shrimps with any dips of your choice.
Snack 2
Ox tail soup or breadless cheeseburger.
Roast beef served with a large bowl of salad and a plate of berries (strawberries and blueberries) for dessert
Remember, along with the dieting you must get the proper exercise. Do lots of cardio. To see the best results, each exercise session should last 30 minutes to lose fat. Continuous cardio exercise such as walking, jogging, cycling or stair climbing should help tremendously. There is no set time for you to exercise. Just do it. You will burn fat whenever you exercise. However, to maximize your efforts it is suggested that you perform your cardio exercise early morning, before eating. You may find it difficult to get up some mornings to exercise, but you must stay motivated. Keep pushing yourself. Just imagine how good you will feel once you reach your goal. You will be more confident in yourself. You will attract the opposite sex. You will have increased levels of energy. You will most likely feel like a new person.
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