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There’s one specific body part that if you do not have well developed, it will be noticeable. Just as well, if it’s built solid, it will indeed be noticed. Not only that, but you’ll stand out among the crowd. You can have a big chest and arms, but if you neglect doing exercises for a thick and wide back then you entire physique will suffer. Your back muscles make up much more muscle mass than most other body parts put together. Back training must be made a priority and must be trained intense and with heavy weights. Below are a few exercises for a massive back that will enhance your muscle gains.

Exercise for a Massive Back 1: Deadlifts
Deadlifts are the king of back exercises and in all realty should be a staple in anyone’s regimen if the goal is to gain muscle mass. If you do deads, you will grow; it would be almost impossible not to grow doing them, assuming you eat enough protein and calories and get proper rest. You’ll pack on slabs of muscle on your back with deadlifts.
Exercise for a Massive Back 2: Barbell Rows
This exercise will help your back grow tremendously and can easily be deemed as one the second greatest exercise for a massive back, right under deadlifts. You can do an overhand grip which is the traditional method, or underhand grip. Six time Mr. Olympia in the 1990’s, Dorian Yates swore by underhand grip barbell rows and he was known for having the best back in bodybuilding in those days.
Exercise for a Massive Back 3: Dumbbell Rows
Dumbbell rows will make you feel like you just ran wind sprints as you’ll be out of breath at the end of your set. But this is a sure-fire way to building a solid back. Don’t shy away from themA because they’re tough.
Exercise for a Massive Back 4: Lat Pulldowns
Now this last one isn’t as much of a muscle mass builder as the previous exercises for a massive back mentioned. But let’s not belittle the importance of this exercise either. Although lat pulldowns are used primarily for back width, you can go pretty heavy on these which will promote muscle overload, ultimately leading to more muscle mass.
If you’re not already doing so, implement these exercises for a massive back. You’re certain to grow. And not only will your back get thicker and wider, but you should also notice strength gains on other major lifts such as your bench press. For a massive, well-rounded physique, you cannot neglect back training.

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