Great Abdominal Exercises For Women

A known university bio mechanics laboratory conducted a study. They have confirmed that the most completing Ab Workouts for Women is easier than first imagined. There were exercises evaluated and assessed determining thirteen types of different workouts starting with a well-known abdominal crunch. These ended with complex exercises involving the use of gym equipment at home.
By working on the lower abs, you will find that this is the best workout for flattening a stomach. Vertical knee raises would be the required equipment at the gym for this exercise. An Swiss ball or pillow could also be used at home.
When using the abdominal exercise machine, you should stand with your back to the pad and place your arms on the armrests. Hold the handles in a tight grip. Lift your knees slowly towards your elbows and hold them there for a short while. Complete this slowly and repeat twenty times. Doing it slowly is the key to success. It was reported that Bruce Lee thought of this as his power exercise, therefore men can also do this.

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Do not overdo this exercise as only later in the day will pain be experienced from completing the workout. By slowly introducing this into the training regime, your abs will soon enough start to tone and tighten.
These can also be completed at home if your gym is inaccessible. This can be completed with ab slings or with a vertical knee raise station. Using ab slings, elbows should be placed into ab slings after the person has hooked up onto a chin up bar. The hands will go on the straps and the knee raises can begin. The vertical knee raise station provides much more support for the back than the ab slings.
One can also use an Swiss ball or a cushion or pillow to flatten the tummy. Your gluteus maximus goes onto the ball or cushion, both feet placed on the floor about one foot apart in distance, now lean back onto the cushion or ball. By raising the torso slightly there will be a crunch completed.
Simple leg lift is the next exercise that can be completed anywhere. You need to lay down flat on the floor and then raise your legs up in the air. Try keeping your legs up for as long as possible and then resting them. You can repeat this exercise. There are several different ab exercises for women. It is never too late to attain a new leaner, more healthy body and more confidence.



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