How Can I Stay Motivated?

Motivation is one of the most important things you will need to build muscles and actually get results. Keeping the motivation is one of the hardest things you will need to do in order to build muscles and to succeed in pretty much everything you do. If you don’t have the motivation then it’s almost impossible to succeed. Every person no matter what they are doing have at some point asked themselves Why? Why am I doing this? Why should I keep doing what I’m doing? I like to ask myself those questions once in a while just to remind myself when I feel like giving up and don’t see any point to continue. And it really helps me.

How Can I Stay Motivated

Well what should you do when you feel like giving up? I want to give you a little tip, WRITE it down. Yes you read it right writing it down does really help. I know it sound a little silly but it’s not like I want you to write a long story or something like that. Just write down your goals it doesn’t have to be anything more than that. No need to write why you want it, unless you want to write that of course. Write your main goal and then some smaller goals. If you are a high jumper for example then your main goal might be to break the world record and jump higher then 2,45m and some smaller goals might be like jumping 2m and another one might be 2,10m for example.
That way you can have goals that are within reach in a near future and that will keep you motivated on the way to achieving your main goal. This method works for pretty much everything it doesn’t have to be sports or muscle building. It works just as fine with studying for example. I have used this for a lot of things and it really works. I am yet to reach my main goals but I’m getting there. I hope this will help you to keep your motivation up.

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