The Best Triceps Exercises

The triceps muscle is the large muscle in the back of the upper arm. It is also called a three-headed muscle because there are 3 bundles of muscles joining together from different origins at the elbow.
This is a muscle that moves in opposition to the biceps muscle which is at the front of the upper arms. Training the triceps gives your arms a very well toned look.
There are several different exercises for the triceps but we want you to perform only the best so here they are:
1. Cable push-down
This is by far one of the best exercises for the triceps.
* There is ample emphasis on the triceps which is what you want.
* Because you are pushing a cable, the movement is gentle on your joints.
You can use a straight bar for this exercise.

Best Triceps Exercises
Quick tips
* Keep your arms locked and make sure you feel the effects of the movement only in your triceps.
* Perform the movement in a controlled motion.
* Keep an upright posture and avoid swinging your legs for momentum.
* Vary the grip between palms facing down and palms facing up.
* Use different bars/handles. For instance, you could use a V-bar or a rope.
2. Triangle push-ups
This exercise is so called because of the triangular shape that your palms make when you are performing the exercise.
This is an excellent compound exercise for your triceps that focuses the workload strongly on your triceps while also working your chest muscles (pectorals).
When you perform push-ups, the closer your palms are to each other, the more emphasis you place on your triceps.
Place your legs up on a bench or a gym ball. This also helps train your balance and coordination.
3. Dips
This is one of the best exercises you could perform for the triceps.
The emphasis is very much on your triceps while working partially the chest, back muscles and front deltoids.
All you need is a bench, chair, staircase or anything that is elevated with enough space for your palms to be shoulder width apart.
It takes a bit of getting used to at first but once you get going, you will realize that this is an excellent exercise that also works your balance and coordination.
You will reach a point when your body starts to feel accustomed to this exercise and you need to step it up a notch.
* You can put your feet up on another bench.
* You can use 2 chairs for your hands and place your feet up on a stand.
And this is the DADDY of dips: bar dips
* This station is often found in a gym.
* This is your ultimate progression for performing dips.
* You are using your triceps to move your whole body weight.
* Perform this exercise with a controlled motion and feel those triceps working.
4. Close grip barbell press
The concept for this is similar to the triangle push-ups.
With a close grip, you are emphasizing the workout on your triceps while secondarily working your chest muscles.
This has to be one of the best exercises ever invented for the triceps.
Vary the exercise with an E-Z bar or curly bar and a straight bar.
5. Skull crusher
This scary sounding exercise is so called because you get the weight coming towards your skull as if to crush it.
Quick tips
* Please always start the exercise with a light weight to get used to the movement before progressing to a heavier weight otherwise the name of the exercise might become literal.
* Perform the exercise with a controlled motion.
* Keep your arms locked and avoid any kind of swinging.
* Vary the exercise between an E-Z bar and a straight bar.
* Vary performing the exercise on a bench or on the floor.
* You could progress the exercise by using dumbbells.
* This way, you isolate the exercise to the individual arms and also increase the need for balance and coordination.
* You could also perform the exercise on a gym ball for even more balance and coordination.
* You could use dumbbells or barbells when performing the exercise on the gym ball.
During each workout session for your triceps, perform 2 of the above 5 exercises and alternate between the different exercises highlighted above for subsequent sessions.
Ultimate tip
It is better to do it right 10 times than doing it wrong 1000 times.



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