How to Gain Weight For Women

This seems like an odd topic for an article, but we are going to talk about how to gain weight for women. You see even though most are looking to lose weight there are some that need to gain a few pounds. Whether you just want to be healthier or get a little curvier you will find the advice here beneficial. It is also important to know that there are two different kinds or meanings of weight. The first one has a negative connotation. This is where people think weight means fat, when in reality it can mean something totally different. This takes us to our second meaning which is lean mass. This is lean muscle that is healthy and looks great.

Gain Weight For Women

Now you will need to start cutting down on your normal cardiovascular exercises. This does not mean cut them out because they are needed for cardiovascular health. It means cut them down because they will keep you too skinny. When learning how to gain weight for women you need to grab the weights and start some resistance training. This is not the bench press 200 pounds type of lifting. You can find many routines that are specific to women. They will help you gain the type of weight that you are looking to add to your frame. Also you should be adding calories to your diet. I suggest starting at 250 extra calories a day and gradually increasing it to 500 more a day. This will coincide with your weight lifting to help you put on the right type of weight.
There are also women specific protein powders that are formulated for women’s needs. This can be a very good thing because you want to increase your protein intake to supplement your new workout routine. By following these types you will learn first- hand how to gain weight for women.


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