Top 4 Dumbbell Exercises For Legs

13. Squats. Grab a dumbbell in each hand and sit down, then stand up, and repeat! It’s that simple. This compound leg movement with increase Quadriceps, Glutes and Hamstring Mass. It will also stimulate an increase naturally in your Testosterone and Growth Hormone levels. The result is a more Ripped Body fr Head to Toe! You can do variations in stance, depth, open area without bench, or squat to the bench. Here the most important thing to do is SQUAT!

 Dumbbell Exercises For Legs
14. Lunges. For leg and glute development, it is a close competition between Squats and Lunges as to which is the best. Both are great and worth doing in your leg workout. What I can tell you is that if I don’t do one for a few weeks, when I bring it back into the workout it blasts my legs. For that reason I suggest Lunges AND Squats. As for the lunges you can do variations such as: Standing, Walking, Forward, Angled, et cetera.
15. Step-Ups. Here is a great exercise that takes your leg training to A New Level LITERALLY! The Step-Up done properly may be the best Glute Developer. Men may not worry about shaping their glutes as much as ladies do. Ask a woman though and I bet you she tells you, “WE SHOULD!”
16. Calf Raises. Pick up a Dumbbell or Two and get to Raising. Single or double leg variations are both great. Depending on balancing I ssues you can hold one or two dumbbells and work your way down to just bodyweight for a drop set thoroughly burning them out.



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