14 Best Exercises For Skinny Guys

In this post I’ll share what exercises are best for us, skinny guys who want to gain some muscles and look better. They are all compound or free weight exercises that provide most benefits for us. There is no point for skinny guys to do exercises in the machines that isolate one muscle group. We need serious exercises that challenge whole body.
Why are these exercises best?
As I already said these challenge your whole body. They don’t only workout your hands or quadriceps, or lats. For example, squat challenges your quadriceps mostly, but hamstrings and butt also get a great workout. Your back also gets a workout because it has to be straight and balance out your body (don’t let it lean forward). Your abs get a workout and even your hands get workout because you grip the barbell hard when squatting. It’s not even worth comparing leg presses to squats..
Exercises For Skinny Guys

Also, these exercises are best muscle builders because they recruit most muscle fibers and produce most hormones necessary for growth. These hormones include testosterone, insulin-like growth factor 1, and growth hormone. The testosterone alone is single most important hormone for men and increasing it’s count in the blood will benefit your greatly not only strength and growth-wise.
Here are they:
Dead lifts
Dead lifts
Barbell Rows
Dumbbell Rows
Pull ups
Chin ups
Overhead Presses
Bench presses
Dumbbell flies
Push ups
Dips a
Diamond push ups
French presses
Do them and I promise you will be having better results 😉

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