4 Tips For Sexy Summer Abs

Everyone wants a sexy six pack in time for summer. These four tips will get you on track to be ready for the beach to show off your very own set of fab abs.
The number one thing you must do if they want to have a sexy six pack is to eat a clean diet. In a nutshell that means to eat small healthy meals 5-7 times daily. Your diet should consist of lean protein sources such as chicken, turkey and fish, healthy carbohydrates such as oatmeal, sweet potatoes, brown rice and vegetables, healthy fats such as almonds, olive oil and natural peanut butter. Eliminate soda, candy, cookies and other high sugar foods from your diet. These should only be eaten on occasion and in moderation. Also eliminate fast foods, fatty, greasy foods and alcohol (if you do choose to consume alcohol it should be minimal, these empty calories will easily sabotage your fitness goals) from your diet in order to drop fat weight so you can reveal your abs.
Sexy Summer Abs
Secondly you must get a good combination of cardiovascular exercise in addition to strength training. Working with weights allows you to build and maintain muscle which will give your body the shape that you want as well as increase your metabolism. Cardio and aerobic workouts will help you burn off body fat so that you can see the shapely muscles hidden underneath.
Tip number three is to stay consistent. Your body will not change overnight. There is no pill that you can take that will give you phenomenal abdominals. It takes eating right and exercising right on a consistent basis to get the results that you want. To maintain your weight loss you need to develop healthy eating and exercise habits which you can commit to for life. Results of any fad diet that you try will not last a lifetime. The only way to get the body you want and to keep it is through proper nutrition and exercise. Be patient and set mini weight loss goals for yourself every week. The more consistent you are with making healthy eating choices and training on a regular basis with intensity, the faster you will see results.
The fourth key to revealing your sexy summer six pack is to identify you underlying motivation.
Changing eating and exercise habits can be difficult if you don’t stay motivated. It’s easy to lapse back into old unhealthy habits which will ruin your chances of getting the beach ready body that you are looking for. If being able to visually see your abs were easy to achieve then everyone would be showing off their midsection. If it is something you want for yourself then you can have it, but it is hard work! In order to stay on track during those tough times keep visual reminders of your motivation where you can see them on a daily basis. For example if you want to look great in your swimsuit then put it on a hangar and have it out where you can see it every single day to remind you why you need to make the right choices!
Remember this. Everybody has abs, it’s just that most people have layers of fat covering them up. You can do all the crunches and sit ups in the world and you will never see your abdominals if you don’t eat properly and do enough cardio to burn off the fat that is hiding your sexy six pack. If you have been consistently exercising and have not seen the results you want the problem lies within your eating habits. 80% of the way that your body looks is dependent on how you fuel it. Follow these four important tips and you will shed your winter weight and be ready to flaunt your fab abs this summer.



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