Top 5 Day Workout Routine For Man

Lots of different suggestions are overwhelming your head and your mind. It is always the same question. What workout routine should I follow or which one should be the next after the one I am on right now? I will give you some reasons why a 6 day workout routine must be a part of your annual training schedule.
Firstly, we have to make it clear that you have to alter your workout routine after 8 to 12 weeks the most. Try to divide the year into 8 to 12 week periods and set a workout routine for each period. That doesn’t mean that you should follow a different routine for each and every one of the periods I mentioned above. You can repeat a workout routine after a certain period of time.
5 Day Workout Routine
For example, if your goal is to define your muscles, then a 4 day workout routine with 2 body parts for each workout day is fine. If you wish to build your strength even a 3 day routine will do it. At the begging of the season, as I have written in a previous article, cardio exercise must be your first priority. However, when it comes on gaining muscle volume my best suggestion for you is doing the 6 day workout routine where each body part gets its own workout day. Devoting the whole training for a single muscle part will allow maximum blood stream to it and therefore, maximum growth.
I would begin on Monday with my chest, Tuesday – Arms , Wednesday- Shoulders (Super-sets), Thursday-legs  and finally on Friday, I would work on my Back. You can do your abs training on Saturday and rest on Sunday.
Should you choose to follow this 6 day workout routine you have to keep in mind two important things: a) as you can understand this is heavy workout routine. So, don’t exceed the 8 week limit in order to avoid muscle over training and b)Prior this routine, work on your strength training for a couple of months. The results will be even greater!
Here is my favorite 5 day workout routine:
Incline Bench Press 6-8 Reps, Bench Press 6-8 Reps, Incline Dumbbell Press 6-8 Reps, Peck Deck 6-8 Reps and Cable Crossovers 6-8 Reps.
Close Grip Bench Press 6-8 Reps, Skull Crushers 6-8 Reps, Cable Pull down 6-8 Reps, Alternate Dumbbell Curl 6-8 Reps, Barbell Curl 8-6 Reps and Concentration Curl 8-6 Reps. Perform these exercises as Super-Sets.
Seated Barbell Press 6 -8 Reps, Seated Dumbbell Press 6-8 Reps, Lateral Dumbbell Raise 6-8 Reps and Reverse Peck Deck 6-8 Reps,.
Leg Extensions 6-8 Reps, Leg Curls 6-8 Reps, Squats 6-8 Reps, Leg Press 6-8 Reps and Stiff Legged Dead lift 6-8 Reps.
Lat Pull Downs 6-8 Reps, Dumbbell Row 6-8 Reps, Bent Barbell Rows 6-8 Reps, Barbell Dead lifts 6-8 Reps and Close Grip Pull down 6-8 Reps.
Saturday Abdominals.
Sunday Rest.
Keep those muscles pumping!



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