5 Stupid Things You Do At The Gym

Gym is a place where you are supposed to work out or exercise, lose some weight or develop a well sculpted physique or figure. It isn’t a place where you would spend hours and thus there is very little room defining what you can do and cannot do. There are many people who work out adhering to stringent routines and charts. But there are many more people who take their own route to weight loss, fitness and bodybuilding. You would notice many people doing some really crazy stuff at the gym. You might indulge in some yourself.
Here are 5 stupid things you do at the gym which you shouldn’t at any point in time, at any cost, no matter what the compulsion, attraction or obsession is.

Stupid Things You Do At The Gym
Taking Long Breaks
A staggeringly high number of people take very long breaks while at the gym. Most people work out for about two minutes or so and then take five minutes break. Can you imagine what kind of exercise regimen you are in if your body is being subjected to physical workouts and stress for two minutes and it is being rested for a longer period of time? You are at the gym to exercise, not to rest or relax. Work out as much as you can. You can rest when you are home and relaxing on your couch, watching your favorite shows. Intensity is the key. Work hard; get in and get out.
Futile Multitasking
Have you read a book while running on a treadmill? Do you answer your phone or read mails when you are cycling on the stationery bike? These acts are futile multitasking. You wouldn’t get the pleasure of reading the book, you wouldn’t be able to focus on the call or on the reports and at the same time, you would be benefiting little or none from the workout. The gym is a good time to cut your self off from your social life. You go into the gym to improve your health and not to talk about what your “BFF” had for breakfast.
Overindulging In The Same Exercise
Don’t do a thousand crunches. Don’t keep running on the treadmill for an hour. If you keep doing the same exercise, you will overindulge and that will gain you nothing, nor will it help you to lose weight faster. Keep your work outs varied and balanced. Work on multiple muscle groups and keep the body guessing.
Being Adventurous For No Reason
You saw someone pick up some amazingly heavy weights the last day and you want to try it yourself. This is a strict no. It doesn’t matter what others do and how adventurous that seems. You are not ready to indulge in it if your body is not ready. One of the hardest things to do is to only worry about your self. It’s hard to not want to compete and out do your neighbor, but your fitness is your own. No matter how in shape or out of shape you are be happy with your fitness and the tasks you are accomplishing at hand in the gym. Before you know it people will be watching you at the gym for inspiration.
Socializing Beyond Necessity
You should meet and greet fellow members at the gym but the moment you start to socialize and forget that you have to work out, you are heading downhill. There is nothing more infuriating then when your ready to hit a really heavy lift and your spotter is “bro chatting,” with someone he sees every day.



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