Exercises For Chest – A List of Excellent Chest Exercises to Build Massive Muscles

Chest exercises are very popular amongst men and maybe a little too popular because so many people only focus on their chest and forget other muscles. Having an impressive chest is a dream of every guy, it really makes your presents felt, if you have it. In this article I will focus on the main chest exercises, the goal is to make it simple. Sticking to the basics always works and it has never let me down. Here we go.

Chest Exercises
Bench press
This exercise is always number one, because it is the best. Use a grip that is wider than your shoulder width. but using a too wide grip will put too much stress on the joints and the shoulders. Lower the bar so the it touches your nipple area. When you push the bar back up, push it up on a slight angle, not straight up. That will work the front delts too much. Keep a slight arc between your shoulder blades and your lower back area. This helps to keep the front delts out of the exercise and will contribute an arc motion when pushing the weight off your chest.
Incline dumbell press
Using an incline will put a little more tension to the upper pecs. A lot of people in my opinion use too steep of an angle. This works the shoulders too much. A 30 degree incline works very well for me. Lower the dumbbells until you feel your pecs stretch and then push them back up. The ending locked out position should be in line with your lips, like and imaginary line links the two dumbbells. Barbell incline presses are good as well.
The pec dec
This exercise allows the muscles to make their natural motion of bringing the limbs to the center of the body. Always keep your elbows on the pads. If you pull too much with your hands, some of the tension will come off the chest. Do not hurry, just a relaxed slow movement.
Cable cross overs
This is the final exercise on my short list. It is also a very good chest exercise. Do not use a very heavy weights because the shoulders come into play . You should try to use the most muscular pose with this exercise.


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