The Best Exercises For Biceps

In this article I will point out the best exercises for biceps that have worked for beginners and advanced bodybuilders for many many years. In my opinion the best way to to build muscle mass is always with the basic exercises. There is no need to create complex exercises.

Best Exercises For Biceps
Standing barbell curl
Grasp the bar with a shoulder width grip. Curl the weight up towards the torso and keep your elbows and stationary as possible. Lower the weight slowly and repeat the process. Do not swing the weight up until the final few repetitions when the muscle is too tired to do the work all itself.
Preacher curls
Use the grip as with standing barbell curls. Doing preacher curls limits the upper body from assisting and allows the bicep to work exclusively. Curl the weight up, until you feel and see the bicep make the biggest peak. Bringing the weight up too much takes the tension off the muscle, this is a mistake that beginners often make.
One arm cable curls
This exercise totally isolates the bicep. It also allows you to turn your wrist away from your body at the top of the one arm cable curl exercise. This allows the bicep to fully contract.
Dumbbell alternate curl
This also a very good and simple exercise. You can do this exercise standing up or sitting on a bench. Hold the dumbbells in both of your hands, stand straight with palms facing in. Curl the right of left dumbbell up twisting your wrist. Then slowly bring the dumbbell back to the starting position. Repeat the process with your other hand as well. Do not swing the dumbbell up.



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