Top 5 Reasons Your Muscles Stopped Growing

You may be wondering to yourself why your muscles haven’t grown after a few months of disciplined, hard training. I’ll list 5 typical reasons why your muscles stopped growing abruptly, and how to spark your muscles to start growing again.

Top 5 Reasons Your Muscles Stopped Growing

1. The obvious reason is you are training too hard. Your muscles need time to recover after an intense workout. Try to train each muscle group once to at most twice a week to give your muscles time to regain its normal state.
2. Parallel to training too hard is the length of your training time. Try not to work out more than an hour each time, but continue to keep your workout intensity. You need to maintain your cortisol level, and after 45 minutes of intense workout, your cortisol levels tend to increase. Increase in your cortisol level is known to destroy muscle cells.
3. Get more sleep. When you sleep, your muscles develop and grow. You need a good 8 hours or more of sleep for good muscle growth.
4. Late night alcohol binging. Well, it doesn’t have to be late at night, but stop misusing alcohol intake. Alcohol is known to be another culprit for breaking down muscle mass.
5. Not consuming enough protein. Protein is the basic building block for bigger muscles. The recommended ratio for each pound of body weight is 1 gram of protein. Bodybuilders typically supplement their diet with protein shakes to consume enough protein daily.
Of course, there are a multitude of reasons why muscles stop growing and methods to grow bigger muscles, but the 5 listed reasons above are a good start for a beginning bodybuilder.

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