3 Mistakes You Can Make When Trying to Build Muscle

Here are some of the most, I mean really the everyday mistakes almost all new guys makes when trying to gain muscle. They are very simple and actually make common sense if you take time to think about them:
Stop listening to every guy out there giving advice in the gym. I know how it is, I was there. You come in the gym and you see this big guy whom arm is bigger than your leg. He then gives you ton of advices and exercises ideas. Then the other guy comes and gives you his teachings.

3 Mistakes You Can Make When Trying to Build Muscle

The problem is those things might have work for those guys but you have absolutely no idea will they work for you. Fitness is one of the things very individual for everyone out there. You must customize your program for you, not other guys.
For example he may be one of those easy-gainers who will gain muscle whatever they do. He might have taken some steroids – you never know.
First most important thing is to have a program for you and your goals and stick to it. It will take certain amount of time before you see if this thing works for you. It is very temping to try the new “magic exercise” but results are not overnight in fitness. 
Don’t get comfortable with your weights. If you can do more reps after finishing with the set, then this was not efficient set. You are stimulating the muscle to grow when pushing it through the limit little by little.
Many new guys get comfortable with their weights and stay on them for far too long. Don’t be that guy. Keep things in steady and slow progress. If it’s too light (which eventually will be) increase the weight.
The best amount of reps for muscle gaining varies between 4-8 depending on the muscle group, the person, the workout and other factors. Getting more reps than 12 aim for a little different target than muscle gaining. It will still get results, but far more slow. 
Do not over-train. This is probably number one mistake that most rookies do. They come, they train like there is no tomorrow and they get the worst muscle soreness there is. Not to mention they lose motivation to continue.
Over-training is the number one enemy of muscle gain. You need to give your body time to rest in order allow it to rebuild itself stronger. More training is not equal to more muscle.
People tend to forget this – resting is equal, if not even more important thing, than all other aspects of the program. Different people require different rest between trainings so plan your rests well in the future. 


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