5 Exercises to Increase Muscle Stimulation and Growth

Building muscle is all about stimulating the most muscle mass in the gym to create the biggest muscle gains in size and strength. Choosing the best exercises can be very hard with the vast array of different ones out there. This article will show you the all round best muscle building exercises to increase muscle stimulation and growth.
The squats are one of the biggest compound exercises you can do. They are an all round workout for every muscle group in your legs, from you calves all the way up to your glutes. They even workout you abs, back and shoulders – making squats a big full body muscle stimulant.
Perform these with a barbell low on your upper back, hole it with a thumbless grip. Keep your core and back tight. Lower the weight to just below waist level. Keep you back straight the whole time.

Exercises to Increase Muscle
The deadlifts are an even harder and more intense exercise than the squats. Lifting a dead heavy weight from the ground to a full standing position stimulates a massive amount of muscle mass and requires a lot of strength both mentally and physically.
Whole the bar with a mixed grip to allow for the most weight to be used. Keep your core strong and your back straight. Push through the ground and pull the weight up.
To build a huge, well developed chest look no further than the dips. The dips when performed correctly will hit every single muscle fiber in your chest, creating a wide, defined chest.
To isolate the chest more and stimulate the most pectoral muscles increase the grip width to over 30 inches wide. Keep your elbows out as far to the sides the whole time. Lower down and get a really good stretch in your chest, then squeeze your pecs together on the way back up.
Chin ups
The best exercise for a wide, thick back and that v shaped look is the chin ups. These are a hard body weight exercise that require strength and balance. The multi joint movement works your biceps and all of the back muscles.
Grip the bar shoulder width, pull up with your elbows. Squeeze your back and biceps at the top, then slowly lower all the way down for a stretch.
Ab cable crunches
To build strong, chiseled abs cable crunches are the way to go. The added resistance from the weight will increase the definition and strength of your core muscles.
Kneel in front or stand steady of the cable machine. Hold the bar above your head, keep all body parts still and focus on crunching your abs to bring your torso down. Come down only enough to contract and activate the abs.



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