7 Exercises For Effective Pectoral Workouts

Getting nice lean pectoral muscles are tough, but they’re completely possible to achieve if you add some of my exercises to your pectoral workouts. It’s best if you use these exercises in a gym so that you can have access to all of the equipment.

Chest Workouts
1. Barbell Bench Press – The most common weight lifting exercise, but also one of the most effective. This works out your pectorals to the fullest extent, including your triceps and core muscles. You should do bench presses often as part of your pectorals workout. Add some variation to your presses, such as incline bench presses (works upper chest muscles) and decline (works lower chest muscles). If you work out your pectorals from all angles, you’ll get the best muscle development.
2. Dumbbell Bench Press – Like the barbell bench press, this is also effective as part of your pectoral workouts. The main difference is that unlike the barbell, you’ll be using stabilizers to balance the weight, and you’ll be using your full range of motion, which works the muscles a bit differently. Use incline and decline variations to get more results.
3. Cable Crossovers – This will really get your chest working to give you a good “burned out” feeling after the completion of a set. This is better off being put at the end of your pectoral workouts because it’ll use up a lot of energy.
4. Flyes – Stick this exercise somewhere in the middle of your pectoral workouts. You’ll get a good stretch as you do flyes. You don’t need to use heavy weights for this to work out your pecs. I tend to put this as the exercise right before a burn out exercise, such as cable crossovers.
5. Pushups – This is something you’ve learned about since you were young, but it’s EXTREMELY effective! It tends to be underrated, but if you can do pushups in large quantities, then you’ll really burn out your chest.
6. Dips – There are different variations of doing dips, but they’re all good at workout out your chest. You can use weights (by using a weight belt) if you want to improve your strength, or you can simply use your body weight and increase your reps. Increasing up the style can improve your body.
7. Isometric Chest Presses – Not many people heard of this, but it’s good for your pectoral workouts. Without any weights, all you need to do is clasp your hands and push them together as hard as you can for about 10-15 seconds. While you’re doing this, you should be focusing on FLEXING your pecs!



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