Build Muscle Quickly With One of the Best Muscle Building Techniques

Want to know one of the best muscle building techniques that will help build muscle quickly? Read this article to discover this amazing muscle building method now.
If your reading this article you deserve a congratulations for researching how to pack on extra muscle by working smarter. If you want to look like everybody else, then do what everyone else is doing in the gym.
If you want to add more muscle mass than most of the gym bunnies wasting their time. Then it is time to start using more advanced muscle building techniques.
Best Muscle Building Techniques
This method of building muscle is a fairly old method but has stood the test of time and always gets results. Without further ado let’s get down to it.
10 x 10 Method
The following bodybuilding workout is known by various names such as the 10 x 10 method, 10 sets method or German volume training.
The idea as the name suggests is to try and perform 10 reps for 10 sets. If you can complete all 100 reps then you need to increase the weight.
To perform this type of weight training you need to select a weight for an exercise which you can perform 20 reps. Once selected you perform 10 reps then rest for 1 minute before attempting another 10 reps. Keep going in this fashion until all 10 sets are completed.
The first few sets will be fairly easy but for this reason it is essential to keep the rest periods to 1 minute. Your muscles will start to fatigue quickly and this is where the muscle building stimulus kicks in.
After a few sets you may not be able to complete 10 reps; This is okay, just rack the weight and rest for a minute then do another set as normal. The idea is to ensure that you continually do more reps than your last workout. This will prove that you are getting stronger and building muscle.
Because there is so much volume involved in this muscle building method you only need to work each body part once per week. A good body part split to follow could be as follows:
-Monday – Chest & Back
-Wednesday – Legs
-Friday – Shoulders & Arms
If you want to do more supplementary exercises you can add on one more exercise to each body part using a rep scheme of 3 x 10-12.
Give this type of training a fair shot as it is proven to be one of the best muscle building techniques. It is hard not to build muscle quickly when you perform it correctly.



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